Vaya India

Vaya India

The company Vaya India was founded in 2014, In Hyderabad, India . It focuses on providing quality products like really good quality tiffins and sippers and the best thing is that they’re working with the rural population and providing them with jobs ( employment )

Now they have a wide variety of tiffins and they refer it as tyffyn and their sippers as drynk interesting names isn’t it?!

So it’s been more than a month since i received their tumblers in two different sizes………. first thoughts on those sippers/ tumblers they look really classy and I’m a hoarder for such things!

They’re not like the ordinary sippers they’re way more rich elegant looking ones and not just that they’re are multi-functional sippers…… of a kind convenient range of products honestly I’ve never come across something so innovative .

These are the two variants that was sent to me by Vaya India

now talking about these tumblers, they’re designed in a very innovative way which makes it so much more convenient to have these sippers are perfect for storing juices, shakes, coffee and much more……..not just that because it has a vacu therm technology it keeps the drinks cold/hot for a good 8-10 hours like those thermos but one thing that the thermos doesn’t provide is the glasses (small gulpers) that come attached with their additional lid and the lid that originally comes with it is also smartly designed as it has a magnetic latch to it which again prevents spilling isn’t it superb !

So you think this must be bulky and heavy to carry around coz it looks so no not at all these are really light weight with a stainless steel body that can fit almost everywhere in your bag , car bottle holders .

Here’s another picture with both the lids for you guys to see ……… see how cool is that ?!

If you’re someone who goes to the gym you can carry your protein shakes in it , if you’re simply going for a walk you can carry water in it , if you’re going out for picnics you can store juices or shakes for the kids or any kinda refreshments and remember it’ll keep it cool , if you’re a coffee-holic carry your coffee around and it’ll remain hot and fresh for a few hours !

These sippers are not only a smart invention but also convenient , it comes in variety of colours and different sizes.

Star points

* BPA Free

* 1 year warranty

* easy to clean

* Vacutherm technology

* stainless steel body

* nice and sleek easy to carry

Price range – ₹1300 and ₹1600

You can check their website for further details and products.

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DIY Hair Oil

Hola Angels

Hope you guys are doing great

Today I’ll be sharing a diy hair oil that my family has been using for years now and I use it for my baby too !

Since I always get so many questions (compliments on hair for both me and my lil one ) so I decided to pen down everything and share it with my readers 💗

Here’s a picture of one of those good hair days

And here’s a picture of my daughter

Alhumdullilah we both were blessed with beautiful hair since birth (not bragging)but trust me it’s really difficult to manage it and maintain it and we mostly stay away from chemically products and also no hair colour no hair treatments everything we use on hair is mostly homemade yes I’ve never coloured my hair or taken any kind of treatments and i thank my mom for that coz she always made sure that i could experiment with the haircuts but nothing more than that no doubt she did a lot (use home remedies) to maintain it for our beautiful looking hair 💗


I don’t claim that this oil will give you 100% results as everything works differently on each individual so try it only if you are completely convinced also I’m sharing this coz i was flooded with messages when i asked if you guys would like to know

So here it is :

Nothing major or complicated goes in here

Just 3 simple things precisely 3 oils

1 olive oil : olive oil is one of the best oils in the world and it is enriched with fatty acids & polyphenols , its is packed with antioxidants and has antibacterial & antifungal properties .

🌺 Olive oil promotes hair growth

🌺 adds natural shine to the hair

🌺 relieves dry scalp & itchy scalp

🌺 treats dandruff

🌺 treats dry & frizzy hair

2 almond oil : almond oil is enriched with the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E & magnesium

🌺 it not only nourishes the hair but also strengthens it

🌺 works great for dry & frizzy hair

🌺 treats damaged hair

🌺 adds silkiness & shine to the hair

3 mustard oil : mustard oil has minerals like calcium, iron & magnesium! Most importantly has Zinc which is works wonders for hair

🌺 strengthens hair

🌺 treats hairfall

🌺 thickens hair

🌺 promotes hair growth

🌺 treats rough & chemically treated hair

Pro tip : mix these oils in a clean bowl and store it in a spray bottle or any clean bottle/container use it twice or thrice a week and notice the difference also this is optional you can also add castor oil to it for it thickens hair 💗

Please feel free to add in your suggestions in the comment section below 😁xoxo

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C3 Face Mask – Mamaearth

Once a masker always a masker – Shreya Jain !!

But isn’t it true ?! Well in my case it definitely is ……… ever since I received this mask from mamaearth I’ve been using it religiously and why ? Coz its so damn good !!

Vaise to be honest I’m not a high maintenance person so I can’t stick to a lotta time consuming skincare routines but honestly since i started using this one ( C3 face mask ) i find it so so good i use this once a week (friday) and i feel I’m sorted for the weekends and the rest of the week.

Thoughts on when i first used it :

I had a mini spa at home experience! Truly 💗 thank you mamaearth 😁

Since I’m a mom and we all know that we hardly get any chance to pamper ourselves and so we’re unable to do parlour/salon visits and in my case even if i call them home for service my daughter doesn’t let me (very possessive wouldn’t allow anyone to touch me) so i took the opportunity to use this mask and relax (I’d lit aroma candles also just to get that feel 😂 i mean common we all deserve some me time)

So talking about the mask :

Its pretty thick in consistency and very smooth can be applied with a fingers or brush I prefer brushes.

It claims to reduce pigmentation which a lot women get while pregnancy and it quite does the job . It exfoliates and lightens dark spots also brightens and tightens the skin in my opinion i feel it does clarify the skin post mask there’s a visible glow every time is use this my skin feels rejuvenated and supple (makes me wanna do googli-woogli-woosh 😂😂) the fact that it has charcoal it actually cleans the dead surface on the skin making it look bright, also a lot of masks leave your skin dry post application but this one (C3 face mask) cleanses skin without leaving the skin dry and itchy infact post application the skin feels a lot smoother ! Need i say more ?!

It has :




Fruit extracts

It comes in a tub like container and has 100 mls of product which in my opinion is great 👍🏻

It is priced at ₹599/-

Star points *

* phthalates free

* mineral oil free

* paraben free

* sls free

* madesafe certified

Overall it’s a good product and the packaging is good comes in a tub container and has an additional lid to prevent any leakage or spoiling the outer lid which I personally love 💕 white packaging and the details written in pink and green !

Hope you guys find this helpful please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and show some love 💕

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Good juicery

Attention all the health conscious/fitness freaks …..and even if you’re not one of them just give it a read you might end up liking it too !

Recently I received a package from a brand called good juicery and i was delighted to find one of their new product from their range which was their “cruncy sliced fruits” which is basically “freeze-dried fruits”

Freeze-dried fruit is similar to dried fruits because it has been dehydrated, but has a crunchy texture and also retains its natural taste . These freeze-dried fruits offer several health benefits…………. as listed :

Low in calories

High in fibre

Acts as antioxidant

Completely natural no added preserves

You can have these simply on its own or add them to your cereals or a bowl of museli or in an oatmeal!

I’m loving it with cereals .

They come in a variety to choose from such as :






Star points

* vegan

* gluten free

* super healthy

It is priced at ₹59

Premiumly selected fruit and deliciously good and it is suitable for ages 3-103 !

Isn’t it a perfect on the go snack ? Quickly check their page @goodjuicery to order yours and more details

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Mamaearth nourishing baby hair oil

we indian’s can swear by hair oiling/massages it’s like we have inherited it……remember how are dadi’s and nani’s used to oil our hair and ever so lovingly gave us those memorable head massages and how we have always been told the “oh so benefits” of oiling hair

Alhumdullilah my daughter Eshaal (my lil rapunzel) has been blessed with gorgeous locks since birth and i do my level best to maintain them…….one question that i get asked is ” what do you do to maintain her hair ” ? Well i do try to maintain as much hygiene as possible oil her hair well and wash them thoroughly.

recently i received mamaearth’s nourishing baby hair oil and I’ve been using it for about 15 days and honestly I’m quite liking it and why not ? It has definitely improved the texture of her hair and the best part is it is non greasy and very light (i hate greasy sticky and heavy hairoils) the hair oil is infused with almond and avocado oil it is madesafe certified and has no mineral oil .

And we have been enjoying our massages and Eshaal lovesthe bottle too

Lets talk about the packaging now : it comes in a sleek white bottle with a bright green cap and has a small transparent mini cap inside to prevent any leakage ( A+) It comes with a pump and has cute little animals images and the name and details are printed neatly and overall the product is fairly priced and on affordable side for the quality of what you get is really very good

It is priced at ₹299/-

And you get 100 ml of product

Here are some shots of me and my rapunzel enjoying our champi time


this is my first blogpost hope you guys like it and find it relatable and I’m glad I’m writing for a brand that is now growing rapidly and is loved by many

Please like and comment what do you guys think of mamaearth’s products

Thank you …….